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Monetary Mindfulness

Monetary Mindfulness

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About Us

Hi, I’m Dr. Love!

I am passionate about helping others:

- learn about financial concepts,

- how to customize their personal budgets to their lifestyle,

- understand individual beliefs to prepare for marriage,

- manage conflict about finances in marriage,

- manage micro-conflicts in the workplace to increase productivity,

- create business plans that lenders find reliable and owners believe in,

- determine if a business opportunity is priced appropriately,

- create business proformas, and

- much more.

I discovered my passion while working in the financial services industry after learning that many teens and adults were like me when I was in high school and college; a young person without the skills and knowledge to manage my money. I also learned that many entrepreneurs lack the knowledge to write a business plan containing needed information such as a company description, marketing and operating analysis, and financial projections. I have worked hard to learn the necessary skills, increase my knowledge, and gain experience to teach others so they can become knowledgeable and confident in managing their financials.

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Monetary Mindfulness
Dr. Angela K. Love