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Finding Success With Your Handyman Startup

Starting a handyman business can be an appealing idea for many. With low startup costs and other benefits such as being self-employed, you can make a large profit from your business while being flexible with your schedule. Here's what you'll need to know if you want to start a handyman business but don't know where to begin.

Find Your Specialty

The first thing you'll want to do when starting your business is to determine your specialty. Specializing in an area such as plumbing, electric, or HVAC can not only make marketing yourself easier, but it can actually be more profitable than being a general handyman. Take into account your prior experience and the specialized tools you already have on hand. By narrowing down your field of work into one area, you'll be able to get started more quickly.

Know Your State and County’s Handyman Laws

Becoming a handyman often requires getting a license before you can begin general contractor work. Knowing these restrictions ahead of time will save you from any violations that could harm your business.

One legal task you should take care of when launching your handyman business is getting your company registered with the state. While there are many business structures to choose from, there are a couple in particular worth mentioning. Limited liability companies, or LLCs, offer protection of your personal assets from all legal matters of your business, and there are tax advantages to be had. S corps are a good fit for those interested in pass-through taxation and self-employment tax savings. They also offer the option of claiming deductions on your business’s financial losses.

Since most entrepreneurs aren’t well versed in how to start an LLC in Texas, the Texas S corp filing process, or any other paperwork process for getting a business registered, it’s helpful to recruit the expertise of an online service. These companies almost always charge less than lawyers to perform filing services.

Marketing To Find Your Ideal Customers

Marketing your business is crucial for finding a reliable customer base. Having a logo is one of the best ways to create a lasting impression among customers, and it can be easy to make one on your own. Instead of paying for design services, you can use a free online logo maker and download your design to your computer or tablet. By simply choosing a style and an icon and adding text, you can customize your logo to your liking. An eye-catching logo is a great addition to your business card, app, or website.

Optimize Your Website or App for Easy Payments

One way to grow your business is to allow customers to make payments online. Find a payment system that works well for both you and your customers or clients, and feature it on your website or app. And by using an API to retrieve bank account balance info before payment processing, your customers can avoid any nasty surprises. What’s more, these types of APIs save you money by avoiding costly fees. A reliable payment system also creates hassle-free transactions; customers get a better experience that will keep them satisfied with your business.

Increase Efficiency With Construction Cost Software

Construction cost estimating software is a must for making your business more efficient. This software has a number of benefits, including effortlessly estimating material and labor costs for jobs. Additionally, you can utilize this type of tool to create a payment schedule for customers using an estimate that takes taxes into account. Further benefits, such as sending email reminders to customers who haven't approved an estimate, make this software crucial for running your business.

Getting Off to a Strong Start

You can make it much easier to get your startup off the ground by joining your local chamber of commerce, which has great resources for business owners. If you plan to start your handyman business in the Greenville area, connect with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce to receive many great benefits for your new venture.

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